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Birthday Celebrations

Easy E          Feb 9th
Angel            Feb 28th
K-Oz             March 8th
Tastee          March 18th
Fresh            May 13th
K-Dot            May 21st
Slo Motion   June 7th
Trouble        June 19th
Ya Yo           June 23rd
Stretch         Aug 6th
Sniper          Aug 23rd
Dingo           Sept 1st
Chica           Sept 30th
D-Doug        Nov 7th
Ghost           Nov 8th
Deliteful      Dec 25th

President Trouble
Vice President Slo Motion
Secretary Angel
Business Manager Chica
Pro Tastee
Road Captain Deliteful
Road Captain Dingo
Road Captain Stretch
Founder K-Oz
SGT @ Arms D-Doug
Ya Yo
Easy E
Events / Announcements

Welcome to the Family
Fresh, K-Dot, and Sniper

Congrats to D-Doug on
your promotion to
SGT @ Arms